Bagpipe sealant

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  • for all mouth-blown bagpipes made of cowhide
  • for German small pipe
  • for wee pipe made of cowhide

Bagpipe sealant reliably seals pores and seams.



Only a reliably sealed bagpipe, whose leather is naturally flexible and supple, unfolds its special and unique sound. The bagpipe sealant used and its composition plays an important role. We carry a high-quality bagpipe seasoning that meets the highest demands. It seals your bagpipe reliably and makes the leather supple and long lasting.

Proven formula for cowhide

Our bagpipe sealant is a bagpipe seasoning according to the established recipe for mouth-blown bagpipes made of cowhide. It is suitable for use with  German Smallpipes as well as for sealing Wee-Pipes made of cowhide, shepherd pipes, great Highland bagpipes or your market bagpipe. Ask your instrument builder if our sealant made of bone glue and glycerine is suitable for your instrument.

The bagpipe sealant is jelly-like and seals the pores of the cowhide as well as the seams without affecting the natural flexibility of the high-quality natural material. After sealing, the leather becomes elastic again and has a smooth surface. Dry and often too stiff leather bags are a thing of the past with this high-quality bagpipe sealant.

Bagpipe seasoning as a convenient sealant

Mixing a sealant for the leather bag yourself often resembles a series of experiments with numerous failures. The airbag is suddenly stiff as a board and almost unplayable, the highly praised mixture begins to crumble after drying or the sealant hailed by all presents itself during the playing as a generator of less attractive odors. With our bagpipe seasoning these often unpleasant results are a thing of the past. As experienced bagpipe players know that glycerine and bone glue provide the leather bag with everything that is required for its reliable functionality.

Our bagpipe sealant is a bagpipe seasoning that draws on the traditional experience of bagpipe players and, as a ready-mixed seasoning, makes sealing and care easier.

High quality bagpipe sealant

The bagpipe seasoning, which is made from natural raw materials, is available as a gel in two different container sizes. The bagpipe sealant is particularly yielding due to the high quality ingredients.

If you opt for the 100 ml container, this is enough for two new seals or three to five re-seals. With the 200 ml version, you seal your bagpipe completely about three times or perform up to ten additional seals.

Since the bagpipe sealant has a jelly-like consistency and liquefies only by heating, it penetrates well into the leather without stiffening later. Thus the leather bag, after cooling and drying, is distinguished by its special suppleness.

Natural care for natural materials

Leather is one of the most beautiful natural materials and is versatile in use. However, it requires a care specifically tailored to the area of application. Only then will it retain the required properties. Our high quality bagpipe seasoning is tailored to these high requirements. It seals and cares exclusively with natural and human-compatible ingredients.

  • vegetable glycerine
  • bone glue from cows
  • sorbic acid protects against mould
  • water

Use bagpipe sealant correctly

The best bagpipe seasoning is not optimal if used incorrectly. Here is a clear step-by-step guide to properly sealing your precious musical instrument.

That is what you need for professional sealing:

  • sealant in the glass
  • water-filled pot to heat the sealant in a water bath
  • kitchen towel
  • funnel
  • damp sponge or damp dishcloth
  • cork stopper for sealing the stocks

As an alternative to finished cork stoppers, you can make them yourself. To do this, wrap wooden dowel rods tightly with yarn so that they sit firmly in the stocks and seal them.

Step 1: Prepare the musical instrument for sealing

  • Remove all pipes from the stocks as well as any existing foam plug, which is attached to some instruments behind the reeds.
  • Seal all stocks with cork stoppers or self-made stoppers. Make sure they are low enough on the stock. In this way, you prevent the bagpipe sealant from running into the stock.
  • Attention: The stock of the playing pipe is not sealed. Here you pour in the bagpipe seasoning via the funnel!

Step 2: Heat bagpipe sealant slowly

  • The next step is to slowly heat the sealant in a water bath to no more than 70 ° C! For this, open the container and heat the bagpipe sealant until it is liquid. It must not cook under any circumstances, otherwise it will be destroyed!

Step 3: Fill bagpipe with sealant

  • Wrap the playing pipe stock with a kitchen towel to protect it from contamination and insert the funnel into the opening.
  • Now you pour the heated sealant into the leather bag.
  • Seal the playing pipe stock with a suitable stopper.

When pouring in the sealant, make sure that nothing drips onto the leather. It leaves unsightly stains and sticks. Should it happen in any case, remove the drops immediately with a damp kitchen sponge. The sealant is water soluble.

Step 4: Seal the bagpipe

  • Now you massage the leather bag thoroughly. Make sure that the sealant is well distributed on the seam.
  • Then you release the stopper on the playing pipe stock and inflate the bag firmly. Now you squeeze the leather bag vigorously. Due to the resulting pressure, the sealant now penetrates deeply into the leather pores and seams.

If liquid comes out during pressing at the seam, remove it immediately with a damp cloth and reduce the pressure. If the flow can not be stopped, please contact your instrument maker. Here, the seams must be checked.

  • After vigorously squeezing the leather bag, pour the sealant back into the container. In order to prevent the clumping of excess bagpipe sealant, you firmly spread out the leather bag.

Step 5: Allow to dry and assemble

  • After you have removed all the sealant, you inflate the bagpipe to a small degree.
  • Remove all stoppers and clean the stocks inside and out.
  • Now let the bag cool down for at least two hours. Completely dried after 24 hours.
  • Once the instrument has cooled sufficiently and dried, you reassemble it carefully.

If you undertake this treatment once or twice a year with our high-quality bagpipe sealant, you will permanently obtain the important function of the leather bag of your valuable musical instrument.

Only reliably seasoned bagpipes, made of leather which is naturally flexible and soft, can produce their special and unique sound. Folk.World’s Bagpipe Seasoning reliably seals your bagpipes and makes the leather supple and long-lasting. Our bagpipe seasoning is founded on the practical experience of traditional bagpipers. Suitable for leather bagpipes with mouthpieces such as French pipes, Great Highland Bagpipes or German bagpipes.

The Bagpipe Seasoning is a gel that seals the pores and the seams of the leather without affecting the natural flexibility of the high quality original material. After applying the seasoning the leather will regain its elasticity and leave a soft finish. Because of its gel consistency, which only becomes pliable after warming, the Bagpipe Seasoning works into the leather well and does not become stiff afterwards. The leather bag can thus keep its particular suppleness after cooling and drying.

The Bagpipe Seasoning is roduced from natural raw materials and because of its high quality ingredients can be used sparingly. The 100ml tube is enough for two first time applications or three to five follow-up applications. With the 200ml size you can completely season your bagpipes three times or do up to 10 follow-up applications. Leather is one of the finest natural materials with many uses, however it does require care appropriate to its use. Only then can it retain the qualities needed for that particular purpose. Our high quality Bagpipe Seasoning seals and cares using exclusively natural ingredients that are safe for humans.

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Cow-bone lime
  • Sorbic acid which protects against mould
  • Water

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